Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An evening with Mama, Sheryl, and Shosete.

So it has been a while and I know that because it says my last post was Feb 2011!!! I had not had Sheryl yet and have just been enjoying that little girl! Tonight she and I had quite the adventure in our own home:

Dada had to go to Mesquite for the annual Christmas Breakfast so Mom and Sheryl were just going to spend the evening stuffing envelopes for our Christmas letters and watch a couple of movies together. It was going fine and dandy until Mama and Baby decided to go back upstairs to refill Sheryl's drink. While mom was filling her drink the kitty, Shosete came in. Not a big deal right until Mama realizes he brought in a MOUSE!! That darn Sho!!! Mama quickly grabs her little baby and holds her hoping that the stupid mouse is dead. So she grabbed the lid to the rest of the ice cream Mom and bug had devoured early and tap the mouse with it to see if it is still alive. When the tiny creature slowly scurried after Mama tapped him, Mama screamed, "EAHHHHHH! Shosete you bad kitty!! Go KILL IT!" While she was screaming the little mouse rushed under the couch before Mom could get it. After this Mama looked at baby and she had started to cry because surely something that mom is afraid of must be something really bad. Poor baby girl took a while to calm down, as did getting Mom calm. Mom called Dada and told him of their encounter and Dada said to find it and kill it herself. Mama was determined to get the kitty to kill the mouse instead, after-all that was why they had a cat right? So mom shut all the doors and made sure the kitty couldn't escape either out his kitty door and Mom and baby watched Bolt hoping to calm both of them down and hoping that by the time the movie was over that the wonderful Shosete will have killed the mouse. Well when the movie was over Mama and Sheryl went upstairs to investigate. There was no sign of the mouse but the kitty was just sitting there all happy to see us. Mama looked under every nook and cranny and could not find the little creature anywhere. Then Sho was kind of sniffing by a box that had a rolled up newspaper by it. Mama felt the Newspaper and found out that the mouse had been burrowed inside hiding from Sho! EWWWW!!! Mama got up the courage to pick it up and put the nasty thing out in the garage. Quickly she ran back inside to get the kitty so he could 'Finish the job.' When she had jammed the kitty back through the door the mouse was gone. After that Mama decided the kitty needed to stay locked outside so as to prevent the Mouse from coming back inside. Mama still let Sheryl know that like Bolt saving Penny that was what Sho had done for them... even if it was kind of stretching the truth. Sheryl bought it and went to sleep without any hiccups. (Mama was nervous she wouldn't be able to sleep because she was truly scared when Mama had screamed about that stupid mouse.) Mama and Sheryl only hope that in the morning they will find Sho with a full tummy of Mouse dessert.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Jan-Feb Happenings

January: The main event that began in January was my sister coming to live with us to go to SUU and Phil and I started our Prenatal Classes which ended just last week. Having my sister closer has been nice! I love having her help around the house and the company when Phil wants to do things I don't really care to do. :) (I love you Phil I promise!) Emilee is great! She had a kind of crazy week there for a while, where she had cut her eyebrow, sprained her ankle and gotten sick all in the same week and so far she has been doing much better. :) Diego moved out sometime in January and is having a great time living with his new family. They are very nice people and were much more able to show him some of the sights better than Phil and I would have been able to! They even took him to Santa Fe! He seems to be doing good with them and shouldn't have any problems and the nice thing is we still get to visit him and have seen him multiple times in the last couple weeks. Phil misses the buddy he had but still hangs out with him when he has a free night... which is rare for Phil with all his projects.

This month Phil and Jared Porter got into welding and I think it is one of Phil's new favorite things to do! He loves it! It started with the Safari Rack for the white Jeep and Now he has finished up some shelving for work too. I'm glad he enjoys his new hobbies which also included him and Jared getting a reloading kit that they have been using to reload bullets for a lot cheaper than the cost of bullets. Phil spent many nights just working his little station of reloading and is officially addicted! Lucky for us it didn't cost too much, he bought the stuff from Cabela's using his credit and so that was basically free and then the actual kit Jared and Phil went in on it together. Thanks Jared for keeping my husband busy!

Later this month was Mom's Birthday and for once in her life she actually kept what I gave her... I think! We gave her some plates that were thinnner that she has been wanting for a while now so that was good. We had a fun time suprising her by telling her that both Emilee and I had to work and wouldn't be able to make it to visit her on her birthday. She was surprised. :) Phil and Dad were able to work on something of Grandma or Grandpa's while me Emilee and Mom hung out and went shopping. That evening we were also able to eat at the Greenery up the canyon in Ogden. That place is very dear to me in that my Grandma Sheryl Parsons would always take me there for my birthday dinner and we'd get Mormon muffins. It was so fun! We love the Salmon there too, so yummy!

Also this month we bought a new car, an Audi A4 2T Turbo stick shift. It is a really nice car and I did have some troubles driving it at first but I'm getting used to it. It will make a great mommy car I think. Phil was very happy with it and couldn't wait to get it! I had an Instructor Training in Provo during the week so he rode up with me, got the car and drove it back, he was so excited! I'm glad he didn't get a ticket from all that excitement of having a fast car! As for Instructor Training I will be official as of this week since I will be finishing up my co-teaching with Lauren on Wednesday.

January was a crazy month because Emilee and I started our jobs at The Cedar City Aquatic Center too! Wow I almost forgot about that! So yeah I have been lifeguarding and so has Emilee. We both get plenty of hours and really enjoy it there! If you haven't been to the new pool you should come check us out it is a pretty dang nice facility even with some of the things they cut! :)

Now on to February: This month was kind of the same as January in that Emilee and I have been working lots at the pool and have had a great time living together again. Emilee kind of gets the raw end of the deal for work as do I sometimes but she was very kind in letting me take Valentine's Day off so I could spend it with Phil. That was nice! Em and I washed our cars after I worked Emilee's shift 10-12 and also decorated Phil's car. I'd written him a note saying how much I appreciate him and all he does for our little family and he in return gave me what every pregnant woman would want, a whole Ice Cream CAKE! :) I did share but yeah I did mostly eat it... whoops! It was yummy and he also got me a rose, Valentine's Day Balloon and we were also able to eat at 3B's. It is one of our favorite places to eat and Thomas the owner was happy to see some business since most people go to the big resturant chains on Valentines. After that we took Emilee some 3B's to thank her for working for me and then went and saw "Just Go With It" an Adam Sandler movie which was actually really good! We both enjoyed it and it was a perfect Movie for both of us to see together. :)

Also this Month I started co-teaching the Water Safety Instructor Class with Lauren my boss at the CCAC. It has been fun and stressful all at the same time. I pulled a really long shift one Saturday totaling at 12.5 hours of work! Man was I tired! Oh and Then that Sunday we also hosted Sunday Dinner but that was ok I'd gotten the house clean enough before everyone got here.

Lara was also able to take my baby bump pictures and they can be seen in this photo album of mine or on Lara's blog. :)

It was fun and since the kids didn't have school on President's Day Austin and Braden were able to spend the night here and then go to work with Phil for a while. Unfortuanely for Phil he didn't know what he had in store for him at work that day and just after I had gone to take Braden home so Austin would work better Phil cut his right pinky finger on some sheet metal and had to be taken to the Emergency room since the InstaCare was closed due to the holiday. He got about 10 stitches and has not been as handy as he usually is but still has his finger so that is all that matters, even if he does lose some feeling in it from where the stitches are. The sad thing about that day too was that Phil had given all the neices and nephews the idea to go swim at the pool on that day and then he went and cut his finger so he couldn't even swim! He was kinda bummed but was able to help 'supervise' with his Dad from on the deck.

As far as pregnancy goes this month I have HAD IT!!! I'm so ready to get this baby out and get my body back! But I knew that this would be one of the worst parts and just need to accept it and live with faith that it will all work out in the end! This Saturday was my South Baby Shower on one of the stormiest days ever! There was a pretty good storm growing in New Harmony at about the time everyone should have been arriving at the shower. It was too bad, but I couldn't help what the weather turned out to be! Mom and Dad made the trip down so Phil and Dad could play a little while us girls got snowed in at New Harmony. Ok so we didn't really get snowed in but it definately did snow while we were partying!  

thanks to all those who came and got me things, I certainly needed all that I got! After our little party in New Harmony, Mom and I decided we may as well start on that baby room. I hadn't started yet because I wanted a certain crib set but when we were at Walmart using one of the gift cards I'd gotten we found one that would do exactly what I wanted, to be gender friendly with blues, greens and where purple could be added as an accent for a girl! Mom bought it for me, Thanks mom, and then we got started looking at paint and what options we had. We found some cute wallpaper that matched the crib set perfectly and also found that we wouldn't have to paint the whole wall and could leave some of the already blue up. It was so nice! Phil, Dad, Mom, Emilee and Brooke all helped paint and it was done in no time! Now I just need a window treatment and some more things hung and it will be done! Baby Sheryl you can come anyday now! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nov-Dec happenings

So I've been a bad blogger lately and most of the blame is due to the fact that my computer got a real nasty virus that Phil's brother Brad had a fun time fixing. But I am up and running again... well until I have to go to work which is soon but just a few updates for all those who care:

November: This year we were with the Greens for Thanksgiving and we had a blast out at Garth and Wendy's temporary home in New Harmony. That week was also kind of exciting as we got an exchange student Diego Torres from Columbia. It was his birthday that week and we got to feed him an awesome meal that he DEVOURED! He also had some awesome beginners luck with the traditional Thanksgiving day Shotgun shoot the Greens do every year and won the $1 prize, I don't know if he spend that dollar or kept it for bragging rights... Also for Thanksgiving we had a friend get married and were able to wish them well before we had our own family meal. They were such a happy couple and We both wish them the best!

December: Christmas month, man I had the worst case of Scrooge this year! I had a good spirit about it right after Thanksgiving but as the month moved on I got more and more onery. ( I blame the pregnacy... but you'd expect that from a prego! ) We didn't do as many neighbor gifts as usual and felt so busy all the time that we didn't get our shopping done as well as we thought we would. We did have a pretty good Christmas though, I got Phil temple clothes that he finally got to try out this month, also we gave my mom something I thought was rather clever, a future grandma kit including some basic baby things that I can use whenever we visit, she must not have liked it as much seeing how she sent me home with basically all that I gave her in January when we visited last. For me Phil framed some of my artwork and also got me some awesome snow boots. I was excited, even though he forgot to pack the snow boots he got them and gave them to me when we got to the cabin for the Green's Boxing Day. (they came in very handy there, and I didn't do too much sledding but it was fun to sled before I got too big to) Mom and Dad gave us both a cruise for Christmas to my cousin's wedding in December 2011! We were both very excited about that because we were wondering how we would afford it with all the things we still needed for the baby. We will have to pay for our airfare but that will be it! It will be fun to go Cruising in the Grand Caymans. For this cruise we've decided we will leave Sheryl... oh yeah we announced her name at Christmas! Sheryl Colleen Green will be our baby's name Phil even made a plaque for her that will live at the cabin with all the other grandkids cubbies for their sleeping bags and things. Grandpa Parsons was touched when he realized what Phil was saying and we were glad to have his approval since Grandma Sheryl was his "little poop." That was one of my favorite parts of Christmas, Phil hadn't told me he got a name plate made for Sheryl so whenn I saw it I got kind of teary eyed and said that was all I needed for Christmas I thought it was really neat. Oh yeah so about the cruise we have already asked Grandma and Grandpa Green to watch our little darling while we are gone, but I do wonder if I'll change my mind as the time draws nearer..... (these are only the highlights there was more but I have to go to work now I'll blog later!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 Weeks 5 days

Thursday, December 2, 2010

21 Weeks baby BUMP

December 2nd 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its a........ Girl most likely!

We found out last Friday that our baby is going to be a girl with 80% certainty. So now the problem is the name, Phil and I each have AWESOME names but neither of us will budge on our names so we'll see if we can decide by Christmas on a name and let you know what our baby's name is going to be.

In other news today is my last 'teaching' day of student teaching. Its kinda sad but good at the same time, I am SOOOOO ready for a break and also some time to focus some more on job searching and house cleaning and tidying. (Phil too will be happy so he won't have to do as much housework as he's been doing, he's such a great guy taking care of his prego student teaching wife!) Tomorrow for student teaching I'm going to be observing other teachers and how they manage their classrooms, that has been the hardest thing for me to do so I figured the more ideas I have the better I'll know what I can do for MY class.

I'll get the ultra-sound pictures on here as soon as I have more time to get them up! Wish me luck! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

1st 3D Ultrasound

Saturday, October 30, 2010

17 weeks and 2 days.... can I be done getting fat?

I am slowly busting out of my clothes and have to remind myself that the weight I'm gaining is good weight and that if I wasn't gaining weight I should be even more worried. Its just I'm not used to looking at weight as a good thing... a girl trait I believe that I hate but that's ok, Mom and I bought me some "fat pants" and when the time comes I will be one sexy fat prego lady! ;)  (thanks mom for going shopping with me!)

In other news I am nearing the end of student teaching and will soon be turning in the biggest waste of time to get my grade: the TWS or Teacher Work Sample. Since I am a double major it has been double hard trying to find things to put into both my Art and PE samples. And I should be working on it now but it is such a boring thing to do and when all the teachers you talk to say they never come up with lesson plans or anything in the TWS that I have to turn in it makes it EXTRA hard to work on it! Oh well, I guess I should get back to it, but I did feel the need to have at least one blog for this month.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

13 weeks Prego

October 6th 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The bike ride

Early in October Phil was talking about this massive bike ride to go on.

Pretty yellow leaves on top. At this point I was not near as tired but it was later that I became a wimp and when slower than everyone else.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Birthday

This year I got one of the BEST birthday presents EVER, ok so 2 really good presents: My cousin and her hubby came down to visit, (Jacee and Ryan) and Phil, through Emilee bought me a pregnancy pillow:

So yeah that has been nice to sleep with but yeah on Saturday Me, Phil, Ryan, Jacee and Emilee went and took our boat out to Quail and played on the tube. It was fun but I got nervous being prego and all and stopped early-ish for me. It was fun though and Phil tried to work on the boat to get it working without stopping, He got close to fixing it but still has some tweaking to do. 

Also on this day or the night before I guess Emilee moved in to our house! :) It will be so fun to have her so much closer! I just hope that Mom doesn't talk her into staying up with her, I want her MORE!! :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

Powell, Family and Announcements.

Yeah we went to Powell even though I am Prego and no know had known yet, but we had a blast! We were only there for a day but that was still long enough to have some photos :)

Emily and I with Katelyn going extra super slow, it was still fun though, just not the way I am used to riding the tube!

Me and Mike with Casen and Tiana, we thought we were so tough compared to the little kids!

Phil playing with Tiana and Casen.

Phil and Mike having a bumpy ride from Jeff.
 We also were able to announce that we were Pregnant to my family and Phil's Family. My mom found out earlier than planned just to make sure she came down for Emilee's Birthday that weekend.
But she had told everyone (my Dad and sister and Grandpa) So it didn't matter when she got here I just whipped out the Ultrasound Photo:
As for Phil's Family some of them knew we were kind of trying but didn't know for sure if we were pregnant. So at Family Dinner at Lori's Mom Dad and Emilee came too on Phil's orders and we told them right before dinner was served. Everyone was really excited and it was really nice to finally tell people! :) For proof I had the ultrasound photo in my back pocket :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some pictures :)

Well today I was able to finally see that there is a being inside me! It was crazy! I have not done my measuring yet for this week but I have a feeling that I will be bigger by a little in my belly, I feel so much fatter now!

Phil and I were both very excited to find out that it wasn't twins even though we were thinking it was possible since I have a lot of twins on my side of the family. Not this time around though! YAY! That was a big relief since that would be twice the diapers, twice the crying and twice the feeding! Thank goodness it is only one! We were even able to see the baby's heart beating! SO COOL! I loved it! I can't wait until I can find out what it is. If it is a girl we are in trouble, we both have names we want for boys not so much. Maybe if it is a boy then it would be that much easier on us to decide on a name. Well I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 weeks

Student teaching has been taking more out of me than I thought possible! I love it don't get me wrong its just that after that I work at night to help pay for my school that I still have to pay this semester and that really sucks because I am almost always kinda sick to my stomach and hardly ever want to eat. I always seem to be constipated and I'm eating fruits and trying to be extra healthy even though today I bought school lunch for $3 and got burrito bites and chicken from the snack line and a $.75 Sprite. Not the best lunch ever, I think next time I do that I will just get the regular lunch for $3.50. Oh well! Anyway my measurements haven't changed but I have gained some weight, about 3 lbs. I'm not really excited about the weight gaining but that's ok I'll live I know its for a good reason its just I want my body to go back to normal after I'm pregnant! I just am praying for Mom's skinny gene, I just don't want to get as sick as she did which is so far so good! :) I have yet to really throw up and I'm getting passed the 1st trimester quicker and quicker so hopefully the 2nd trimester will be a nice break from the nausea and constipation. :) Tomorrow is Endurance day for PE! I can't wait to teach them the proper running form! :)

Also in other news our kitties are finally ready to be given away and I cannot WAIT to get rid of them! They have stunk up my house LONG enough and today we actually kicked them out of the house so we can clean so Sosete will come back inside, Mila has been driving us nuts lately (I also blame the pregnancy but.... she was pretty nice to me when she was pregnant with kittens!) Oh well! Hope to get rid of at least 3 to Phil's family and the rest to who-ever wants them! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 Weeks and 5 Days

Well last night was one of the worst emotional nights so far! I was told in an email that day that my Mentor Teacher wanted me to come in the next day, Thursday the 19th. I was not planning on coming until the 23rd so I was kinda scared and nervous and unsure of how I would handle being pregnant and teaching PE. I chose to do PE first because I haven't heard from Art teacher yet and also because I would be able to do most of the activities in earlier stages of pregnancy. I was so worried about all of those things and life-guarding in the evenings during student teaching freaked me out too. I just wasn't that fun to be around. Luckily Phil came home and made me feel much better about it all and even gave me a blessing today. I love that he can give me blessings to help me feel reassured that Heavenly Father cares about me! What a sweety!

Oh and I went today and it was simple and easy nothing too much to do but call role and explain rules. Not bad! I think I can I think I can!

Monday, August 9, 2010

5 weeks and 2 days

I know that time supposedly goes by quickly when you are pregnant but that is so not the case today! It seems like it will be forever! I hate having to go pee all the time!!! I'm always Hungry and I always need to pee, it is so annoying! I guess I will live I just wish I had got my body more into the shape I wanted it before I got pregnant. Phil had me pose for belly showing photos even though I'm not showing at all and man, I look nasty from the side. I wish I did have a prego belly to show off but it just isn't there yet! Oh well, I'll let him have his fun but don't expect any of those photos on here or anywhere, I only posed to make Phil happy. We also took measurements today and since there isn't much to compare them to they will remain a secret until I start to show more. :P

5 weeks prego photo

August 9th 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What the Greens did all summer:

Going on trips: We went to Romania as you saw by all the photos and also went to London England, the other trips we've made has included camping with Brett Thomas:
where we climbed through Mammoth Caves and also Phil and Brett played a round of golf.
We hope that these are not the last of our adventures for the summer but will update you on any further trips.

Gardening: go to Kaylee's gardening blog to see what she's been growing at: 

Summer School: Kaylee took a couple of summer classes since she had to take May-mester Block passed that with flying colors, and took Senior Portfolio from Jeff Hanson and has this AWESOME web-page because of it check it out for yourself:  She also took a Personal Finance class for knowledge sakes and learned quite a bit.

Teaching swimming lessons: Kaylee just finished up her last session of group lessons and is very grateful. This last group was fun but was taking it out of her! She got a few scratches from kids who were scared and it even broke the skin on one of the scratches! She now will finish up the year with some private lessons and water aerobics, she may continue if she has people interested during school year.

Working: Phil has been working hard to keep his store up and running even through the hard economic times and has done pretty good. His co-workers didn't like him when he was gone for 2 weeks but luckily forgave him shortly after returning.

Attending family events: We also attended the annual Green Cabin 4th of July trip right after returning from our long trip. Then shortly after that we went to Clara's Birthday party 

and also hosted Phil's parents Homecoming Party. After that we made a couple trips up North to my family events such as a Tippets get-together and Parsons get-together. We also got to light some pretty cool, not so legal fireworks that dad had, along with a family bike ride finding GEO-cashes together. That was fun! (wish I'd taken my camera!)

Attending the Temple: We went to the temple in London but didn't get to do a session so it was nice to go to Ogden with Shantae and Jason Etherington when we were up for the 24th of July weekend. We had an awesome time and I love going to the temple and feeling of the spirit. It was so strong this time and I know that there is not any other faith I could believe in except the LDS church. Phil and I hope to attend the temple more often now that we have been reminded of how awesome the temple is and hope to try Initiatories or Sealing for a change.

GEO-Cashing: We had planned on going Geo-cashing in Romania but we were too busy and had forgot our geo-coin to leave it Romania to see if it would come back to us so we still have yet to activate it but we wanna see if it can make it to Romania and back! Also this is our nightly ritual if we have nothing better to do, ride our bikes around cedar city to try and find Geo-cashes. We love it! One time we even took Lara, she wasn't too big of a fan but here are some photos of our cashes with her:

We made Phil go into Cole Creek because we told him that was where the cash was ha ha ha he is so gullible! Then we hid from him because he was being a punk, it was pretty fun! :) 

We'll let you know of any other news and hope you had as great of a summer as we did!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exciting News.... :)

It is kinda funny what can happen while your husband is away. This kinda thing was not such a good thing for him to be away for though! As you know I teach swim lessons during the summer and I usually don't have to go as often as I did today! I was just blaming it on the Coke I had before lessons that day until the next day I was told by a friend at work that having to go to the bathroom a lot could mean that I was pregnant! I had NO IDEA!! I was so excited that once I finally got a chance I went home and took the test. Mine were expired but one said I was pregnant and the other said I wasn't so I had to go buy some more at Family Dollar, the cheapest place for pregnancy tests FYI, oh and they are right where you check out, I was looking by the ovulation trackers and was shocked I couldn't find them! lol! So yeah I bought 2 more and found out that I was definitely Pregnant! I had to send Phil pictures of the tests so he could see the proof!

The next day Phil was home from visiting the North branches so we went to Milt's to celebrate! It was so yummy! We were both so excited before Phil was home he kept texting me 'baby!' We were very happy to finally find out I was pregnant! :) I wish the time would pass by sooner so we could tell people! We are hoping to wait until Sept 7th when my first ultrasound is scheduled... we'll see if that works! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Last day of TRIP: London, England

here was our last day of our trip it was pretty fun! We got to go see the play Wicked! :) it was great! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Romania! What a Wonderful Country! :)

I know I know I've been a bad bad blogger, but I just needed time to reflect on the trip so I could show more of the meaningful pictures on here rather than all the touristy photos! So here is the rest of our trip... :)

Day 6: Thursday, June 24th 2010 Bucharest, Romania

We arrived very early in the morning to Bucharest and since we had had practically no sleep on the tiny plane we wandered around Buch until Phil finally got a hold of the Matea Family to let us rest at their house for a couple hours, after we woke Uilian the son, took us around Bucharest. Here are the photos after our nap:
This was in Cigmigiu park on a paddle boat near the fountain. This is where Romania was dedicated as a country, not specifically where this photo shows but in this park. It was cool to see how nice of a park they had for being a 3rd world country, I had no idea how rough Romanians had it until I visited!
This is Phil and Iulian Matei He played our tour guide, not that Phil didn't know his way around but it was very nice of him. It was his family that let us stay with them while we were in Bucharest. They were such nice people, his mother, Vaselica, cooked us the MOST AWESOME Sarmale ever!!! Phil has cooked it for me in the states before but hers.... OH MAN SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO GOOD! :D
This was my first 'inghetata' or ice cream in Romania, and the only reason I got it was because I had to use the restroom and you have to buy something at McDonald's to use their restroom. They have a code for their bathroom that shows up on the receipt, it was interesting!
This was my first encounter with Phil's favorite Romanian food of all time, the Saroma. I wasn't a huge fan at first but I did crave it afterwords! After this Marian, the dad to Iulian, took us to visit more people, I was very tired but did get some more ice cream out of it! :) They spoke lots of Romanian and I spoke so little at this point, every now and then I would hear words I understood but not very often!

Day 7: Friday, June 25th 2010 Constanta, RO

We took a train today to Constanta to meet Florin, who spoke EXCELLENT English. I was so excited to talk to a Romanian finally who could actually understand me. I asked him lots of questions and got many answers. He got us an awesome little apartment to stay in for the 2 nights we were in Constanta. I was sad that I didn't get photos of him I just wasn't in a photo mood that day I guess! :(

This is the FANTASTIC Italian Pizza Place! The pizza was AMAZING! They don't have tomato sauce so they use this sweet ketchup that is so super yummy! I wish we had brought some of that home! They also gave me fresh apple juice, it was really really yummy and even when it was mixed with some of Phil's Sprite it was pretty good too. (Sprite needs a new flavor that has apple in it! ;)
this is the train we rode in to get to Constanta
This is a photo of us in the Gondola, or air taxi in Mameya It was a lot like a ski lift only it was in a room. We would have loved to go swimming at the cool water park there but it was raining and the next day we had plans.

Day 8: Saturday, June 26th 2010 Constanta, RO

This is the Photo taken at the 20 year anniversary of Missionaries serving in RO! This is Carol VanWagner doing a caricature of Phil. They had a little Open House to celebrate in their LDS Villa.
This is the Mosque in Constanta, I think this is a pretty cool picture of it so I'm sharing! :)
Phil, Carol, and Dave with the view of the Black Sea and the "Jacks" that ease the tide as it comes in. I loved this city!
And this is the RO temple... j/k it is a CASINO! crazy huh!? For a Casino I thought it was really cool and I think this photo should be a postcard! lol!
This is at dinner where we had a Turkish meal with, Phil, Tibi (Phil baptized him while on his mission), Mariana and her husband, the Branch President. We were also seated with Dave and Carol and I took this photo.
Day 9: Sunday, June 27th 2010 Constanta, Tolcea, & Galati, RO

We were able to attend church while there in Constanta, it was very awesome and I KNOW that I am part of the true church because I felt the spirit so strongly there. I even cried to one of the investigators when she was asking what I thought of Romania, I was trying to say that I felt bad for all the things I take for granted that they don't even realize they are missing. Carol helped me to explain this as my tears were not making sense to this Romanian woman. I think that Carol explained it best, "God said now there is a weak one (herself and I) send her to America and this one (the Romanian girl) is tough send her to Romania."