Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An evening with Mama, Sheryl, and Shosete.

So it has been a while and I know that because it says my last post was Feb 2011!!! I had not had Sheryl yet and have just been enjoying that little girl! Tonight she and I had quite the adventure in our own home:

Dada had to go to Mesquite for the annual Christmas Breakfast so Mom and Sheryl were just going to spend the evening stuffing envelopes for our Christmas letters and watch a couple of movies together. It was going fine and dandy until Mama and Baby decided to go back upstairs to refill Sheryl's drink. While mom was filling her drink the kitty, Shosete came in. Not a big deal right until Mama realizes he brought in a MOUSE!! That darn Sho!!! Mama quickly grabs her little baby and holds her hoping that the stupid mouse is dead. So she grabbed the lid to the rest of the ice cream Mom and bug had devoured early and tap the mouse with it to see if it is still alive. When the tiny creature slowly scurried after Mama tapped him, Mama screamed, "EAHHHHHH! Shosete you bad kitty!! Go KILL IT!" While she was screaming the little mouse rushed under the couch before Mom could get it. After this Mama looked at baby and she had started to cry because surely something that mom is afraid of must be something really bad. Poor baby girl took a while to calm down, as did getting Mom calm. Mom called Dada and told him of their encounter and Dada said to find it and kill it herself. Mama was determined to get the kitty to kill the mouse instead, after-all that was why they had a cat right? So mom shut all the doors and made sure the kitty couldn't escape either out his kitty door and Mom and baby watched Bolt hoping to calm both of them down and hoping that by the time the movie was over that the wonderful Shosete will have killed the mouse. Well when the movie was over Mama and Sheryl went upstairs to investigate. There was no sign of the mouse but the kitty was just sitting there all happy to see us. Mama looked under every nook and cranny and could not find the little creature anywhere. Then Sho was kind of sniffing by a box that had a rolled up newspaper by it. Mama felt the Newspaper and found out that the mouse had been burrowed inside hiding from Sho! EWWWW!!! Mama got up the courage to pick it up and put the nasty thing out in the garage. Quickly she ran back inside to get the kitty so he could 'Finish the job.' When she had jammed the kitty back through the door the mouse was gone. After that Mama decided the kitty needed to stay locked outside so as to prevent the Mouse from coming back inside. Mama still let Sheryl know that like Bolt saving Penny that was what Sho had done for them... even if it was kind of stretching the truth. Sheryl bought it and went to sleep without any hiccups. (Mama was nervous she wouldn't be able to sleep because she was truly scared when Mama had screamed about that stupid mouse.) Mama and Sheryl only hope that in the morning they will find Sho with a full tummy of Mouse dessert.

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