Monday, February 28, 2011

Jan-Feb Happenings

January: The main event that began in January was my sister coming to live with us to go to SUU and Phil and I started our Prenatal Classes which ended just last week. Having my sister closer has been nice! I love having her help around the house and the company when Phil wants to do things I don't really care to do. :) (I love you Phil I promise!) Emilee is great! She had a kind of crazy week there for a while, where she had cut her eyebrow, sprained her ankle and gotten sick all in the same week and so far she has been doing much better. :) Diego moved out sometime in January and is having a great time living with his new family. They are very nice people and were much more able to show him some of the sights better than Phil and I would have been able to! They even took him to Santa Fe! He seems to be doing good with them and shouldn't have any problems and the nice thing is we still get to visit him and have seen him multiple times in the last couple weeks. Phil misses the buddy he had but still hangs out with him when he has a free night... which is rare for Phil with all his projects.

This month Phil and Jared Porter got into welding and I think it is one of Phil's new favorite things to do! He loves it! It started with the Safari Rack for the white Jeep and Now he has finished up some shelving for work too. I'm glad he enjoys his new hobbies which also included him and Jared getting a reloading kit that they have been using to reload bullets for a lot cheaper than the cost of bullets. Phil spent many nights just working his little station of reloading and is officially addicted! Lucky for us it didn't cost too much, he bought the stuff from Cabela's using his credit and so that was basically free and then the actual kit Jared and Phil went in on it together. Thanks Jared for keeping my husband busy!

Later this month was Mom's Birthday and for once in her life she actually kept what I gave her... I think! We gave her some plates that were thinnner that she has been wanting for a while now so that was good. We had a fun time suprising her by telling her that both Emilee and I had to work and wouldn't be able to make it to visit her on her birthday. She was surprised. :) Phil and Dad were able to work on something of Grandma or Grandpa's while me Emilee and Mom hung out and went shopping. That evening we were also able to eat at the Greenery up the canyon in Ogden. That place is very dear to me in that my Grandma Sheryl Parsons would always take me there for my birthday dinner and we'd get Mormon muffins. It was so fun! We love the Salmon there too, so yummy!

Also this month we bought a new car, an Audi A4 2T Turbo stick shift. It is a really nice car and I did have some troubles driving it at first but I'm getting used to it. It will make a great mommy car I think. Phil was very happy with it and couldn't wait to get it! I had an Instructor Training in Provo during the week so he rode up with me, got the car and drove it back, he was so excited! I'm glad he didn't get a ticket from all that excitement of having a fast car! As for Instructor Training I will be official as of this week since I will be finishing up my co-teaching with Lauren on Wednesday.

January was a crazy month because Emilee and I started our jobs at The Cedar City Aquatic Center too! Wow I almost forgot about that! So yeah I have been lifeguarding and so has Emilee. We both get plenty of hours and really enjoy it there! If you haven't been to the new pool you should come check us out it is a pretty dang nice facility even with some of the things they cut! :)

Now on to February: This month was kind of the same as January in that Emilee and I have been working lots at the pool and have had a great time living together again. Emilee kind of gets the raw end of the deal for work as do I sometimes but she was very kind in letting me take Valentine's Day off so I could spend it with Phil. That was nice! Em and I washed our cars after I worked Emilee's shift 10-12 and also decorated Phil's car. I'd written him a note saying how much I appreciate him and all he does for our little family and he in return gave me what every pregnant woman would want, a whole Ice Cream CAKE! :) I did share but yeah I did mostly eat it... whoops! It was yummy and he also got me a rose, Valentine's Day Balloon and we were also able to eat at 3B's. It is one of our favorite places to eat and Thomas the owner was happy to see some business since most people go to the big resturant chains on Valentines. After that we took Emilee some 3B's to thank her for working for me and then went and saw "Just Go With It" an Adam Sandler movie which was actually really good! We both enjoyed it and it was a perfect Movie for both of us to see together. :)

Also this Month I started co-teaching the Water Safety Instructor Class with Lauren my boss at the CCAC. It has been fun and stressful all at the same time. I pulled a really long shift one Saturday totaling at 12.5 hours of work! Man was I tired! Oh and Then that Sunday we also hosted Sunday Dinner but that was ok I'd gotten the house clean enough before everyone got here.

Lara was also able to take my baby bump pictures and they can be seen in this photo album of mine or on Lara's blog. :)

It was fun and since the kids didn't have school on President's Day Austin and Braden were able to spend the night here and then go to work with Phil for a while. Unfortuanely for Phil he didn't know what he had in store for him at work that day and just after I had gone to take Braden home so Austin would work better Phil cut his right pinky finger on some sheet metal and had to be taken to the Emergency room since the InstaCare was closed due to the holiday. He got about 10 stitches and has not been as handy as he usually is but still has his finger so that is all that matters, even if he does lose some feeling in it from where the stitches are. The sad thing about that day too was that Phil had given all the neices and nephews the idea to go swim at the pool on that day and then he went and cut his finger so he couldn't even swim! He was kinda bummed but was able to help 'supervise' with his Dad from on the deck.

As far as pregnancy goes this month I have HAD IT!!! I'm so ready to get this baby out and get my body back! But I knew that this would be one of the worst parts and just need to accept it and live with faith that it will all work out in the end! This Saturday was my South Baby Shower on one of the stormiest days ever! There was a pretty good storm growing in New Harmony at about the time everyone should have been arriving at the shower. It was too bad, but I couldn't help what the weather turned out to be! Mom and Dad made the trip down so Phil and Dad could play a little while us girls got snowed in at New Harmony. Ok so we didn't really get snowed in but it definately did snow while we were partying!  

thanks to all those who came and got me things, I certainly needed all that I got! After our little party in New Harmony, Mom and I decided we may as well start on that baby room. I hadn't started yet because I wanted a certain crib set but when we were at Walmart using one of the gift cards I'd gotten we found one that would do exactly what I wanted, to be gender friendly with blues, greens and where purple could be added as an accent for a girl! Mom bought it for me, Thanks mom, and then we got started looking at paint and what options we had. We found some cute wallpaper that matched the crib set perfectly and also found that we wouldn't have to paint the whole wall and could leave some of the already blue up. It was so nice! Phil, Dad, Mom, Emilee and Brooke all helped paint and it was done in no time! Now I just need a window treatment and some more things hung and it will be done! Baby Sheryl you can come anyday now! :)


  1. HOLY COW! you are too busy and you do not even have your baby yet!!! haha You are an inspiration to me :D

  2. Wow, sounds like you guys are super busy! It is good though. John and I were talking last night that we wished we had appreciated the freedom we had before we had kids. They're worth it though. :)