Friday, February 25, 2011

Nov-Dec happenings

So I've been a bad blogger lately and most of the blame is due to the fact that my computer got a real nasty virus that Phil's brother Brad had a fun time fixing. But I am up and running again... well until I have to go to work which is soon but just a few updates for all those who care:

November: This year we were with the Greens for Thanksgiving and we had a blast out at Garth and Wendy's temporary home in New Harmony. That week was also kind of exciting as we got an exchange student Diego Torres from Columbia. It was his birthday that week and we got to feed him an awesome meal that he DEVOURED! He also had some awesome beginners luck with the traditional Thanksgiving day Shotgun shoot the Greens do every year and won the $1 prize, I don't know if he spend that dollar or kept it for bragging rights... Also for Thanksgiving we had a friend get married and were able to wish them well before we had our own family meal. They were such a happy couple and We both wish them the best!

December: Christmas month, man I had the worst case of Scrooge this year! I had a good spirit about it right after Thanksgiving but as the month moved on I got more and more onery. ( I blame the pregnacy... but you'd expect that from a prego! ) We didn't do as many neighbor gifts as usual and felt so busy all the time that we didn't get our shopping done as well as we thought we would. We did have a pretty good Christmas though, I got Phil temple clothes that he finally got to try out this month, also we gave my mom something I thought was rather clever, a future grandma kit including some basic baby things that I can use whenever we visit, she must not have liked it as much seeing how she sent me home with basically all that I gave her in January when we visited last. For me Phil framed some of my artwork and also got me some awesome snow boots. I was excited, even though he forgot to pack the snow boots he got them and gave them to me when we got to the cabin for the Green's Boxing Day. (they came in very handy there, and I didn't do too much sledding but it was fun to sled before I got too big to) Mom and Dad gave us both a cruise for Christmas to my cousin's wedding in December 2011! We were both very excited about that because we were wondering how we would afford it with all the things we still needed for the baby. We will have to pay for our airfare but that will be it! It will be fun to go Cruising in the Grand Caymans. For this cruise we've decided we will leave Sheryl... oh yeah we announced her name at Christmas! Sheryl Colleen Green will be our baby's name Phil even made a plaque for her that will live at the cabin with all the other grandkids cubbies for their sleeping bags and things. Grandpa Parsons was touched when he realized what Phil was saying and we were glad to have his approval since Grandma Sheryl was his "little poop." That was one of my favorite parts of Christmas, Phil hadn't told me he got a name plate made for Sheryl so whenn I saw it I got kind of teary eyed and said that was all I needed for Christmas I thought it was really neat. Oh yeah so about the cruise we have already asked Grandma and Grandpa Green to watch our little darling while we are gone, but I do wonder if I'll change my mind as the time draws nearer..... (these are only the highlights there was more but I have to go to work now I'll blog later!)

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