Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 weeks

Student teaching has been taking more out of me than I thought possible! I love it don't get me wrong its just that after that I work at night to help pay for my school that I still have to pay this semester and that really sucks because I am almost always kinda sick to my stomach and hardly ever want to eat. I always seem to be constipated and I'm eating fruits and trying to be extra healthy even though today I bought school lunch for $3 and got burrito bites and chicken from the snack line and a $.75 Sprite. Not the best lunch ever, I think next time I do that I will just get the regular lunch for $3.50. Oh well! Anyway my measurements haven't changed but I have gained some weight, about 3 lbs. I'm not really excited about the weight gaining but that's ok I'll live I know its for a good reason its just I want my body to go back to normal after I'm pregnant! I just am praying for Mom's skinny gene, I just don't want to get as sick as she did which is so far so good! :) I have yet to really throw up and I'm getting passed the 1st trimester quicker and quicker so hopefully the 2nd trimester will be a nice break from the nausea and constipation. :) Tomorrow is Endurance day for PE! I can't wait to teach them the proper running form! :)

Also in other news our kitties are finally ready to be given away and I cannot WAIT to get rid of them! They have stunk up my house LONG enough and today we actually kicked them out of the house so we can clean so Sosete will come back inside, Mila has been driving us nuts lately (I also blame the pregnancy but.... she was pretty nice to me when she was pregnant with kittens!) Oh well! Hope to get rid of at least 3 to Phil's family and the rest to who-ever wants them! :)

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