Monday, August 9, 2010

5 weeks and 2 days

I know that time supposedly goes by quickly when you are pregnant but that is so not the case today! It seems like it will be forever! I hate having to go pee all the time!!! I'm always Hungry and I always need to pee, it is so annoying! I guess I will live I just wish I had got my body more into the shape I wanted it before I got pregnant. Phil had me pose for belly showing photos even though I'm not showing at all and man, I look nasty from the side. I wish I did have a prego belly to show off but it just isn't there yet! Oh well, I'll let him have his fun but don't expect any of those photos on here or anywhere, I only posed to make Phil happy. We also took measurements today and since there isn't much to compare them to they will remain a secret until I start to show more. :P

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