Saturday, August 7, 2010

What the Greens did all summer:

Going on trips: We went to Romania as you saw by all the photos and also went to London England, the other trips we've made has included camping with Brett Thomas:
where we climbed through Mammoth Caves and also Phil and Brett played a round of golf.
We hope that these are not the last of our adventures for the summer but will update you on any further trips.

Gardening: go to Kaylee's gardening blog to see what she's been growing at: 

Summer School: Kaylee took a couple of summer classes since she had to take May-mester Block passed that with flying colors, and took Senior Portfolio from Jeff Hanson and has this AWESOME web-page because of it check it out for yourself:  She also took a Personal Finance class for knowledge sakes and learned quite a bit.

Teaching swimming lessons: Kaylee just finished up her last session of group lessons and is very grateful. This last group was fun but was taking it out of her! She got a few scratches from kids who were scared and it even broke the skin on one of the scratches! She now will finish up the year with some private lessons and water aerobics, she may continue if she has people interested during school year.

Working: Phil has been working hard to keep his store up and running even through the hard economic times and has done pretty good. His co-workers didn't like him when he was gone for 2 weeks but luckily forgave him shortly after returning.

Attending family events: We also attended the annual Green Cabin 4th of July trip right after returning from our long trip. Then shortly after that we went to Clara's Birthday party 

and also hosted Phil's parents Homecoming Party. After that we made a couple trips up North to my family events such as a Tippets get-together and Parsons get-together. We also got to light some pretty cool, not so legal fireworks that dad had, along with a family bike ride finding GEO-cashes together. That was fun! (wish I'd taken my camera!)

Attending the Temple: We went to the temple in London but didn't get to do a session so it was nice to go to Ogden with Shantae and Jason Etherington when we were up for the 24th of July weekend. We had an awesome time and I love going to the temple and feeling of the spirit. It was so strong this time and I know that there is not any other faith I could believe in except the LDS church. Phil and I hope to attend the temple more often now that we have been reminded of how awesome the temple is and hope to try Initiatories or Sealing for a change.

GEO-Cashing: We had planned on going Geo-cashing in Romania but we were too busy and had forgot our geo-coin to leave it Romania to see if it would come back to us so we still have yet to activate it but we wanna see if it can make it to Romania and back! Also this is our nightly ritual if we have nothing better to do, ride our bikes around cedar city to try and find Geo-cashes. We love it! One time we even took Lara, she wasn't too big of a fan but here are some photos of our cashes with her:

We made Phil go into Cole Creek because we told him that was where the cash was ha ha ha he is so gullible! Then we hid from him because he was being a punk, it was pretty fun! :) 

We'll let you know of any other news and hope you had as great of a summer as we did!

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