Monday, June 21, 2010

London days 3, 4, & 5

Day 3: Monday, June 21st 2010 South Hampton, London Temple, London, England

This was the day that we visited Stonehenge. Unfortunately for us it was closed due to the Summer Solstice, which meant it was closed until 4pm and we arrived at 11am, it was a bummer but we can say that we've been! :)
This was as close as we could get, the side of the road while driving. If you look closely you can see guys in yellow cleaning up the mess after the big sunrise party.
This is Stefan, Phil's good Romanian buddy who is serving a mission in England. Phil and Stefan were both very excited to finally see one another after so long (5 years or so). It was his P-day so we were able to go to lunch with him in the mall at a chicken place.
This is Phil and I at the London Temple. Since it was Monday we were not able to do a session but we got to walk around the grounds, which was very very pretty!
Parting photo of us and Stefan
View of the temple, it was so pretty, I wish I had room to post all our photos but you would get bored. Sorry that the order on the last two photos got messed up, I can't change it either so just deal with it! ;)
This is us near the Chippy place! The fish and chips (fries) were so YUMMY! WE loved IT! The Curry sauce is the yellow one and the peas sauce is the green one. Phil really liked the curry sauce and I really loved the malt vinegar on the fries! YUMMY! Garth was right when he said this was the best place for fish and chips!

Day 4: Tuesday, June 22nd 2010 Tower of London, Les Miserables in London, England
Tower of London the Castle of many be-headings.
and below the Tower Bridge
Right after this Phil Brad Liz and I went and saw Les Miserables, it was so so good! We loved it! It was unfortunate for us though because the Jonas Bro, Nick was in it and he didn't do so good but we still loved the music and the story.

Day 4: Wednesday, June 23rd 2010 More LONDON

This is the most expensive stores in London, we were so afraid to touch things, but they did have some really cool artwork that was there of London that I hope to mimic someday! I wish I would have photographed it! 

Next we went to the British Museum and saw many things that were in my art history books we only got one photo though because our camera batteries died but that's Phil with the Egyptian dude. After that we had a double-decker bus ride, this photo shows Wendy, Garth, Brad and Liz. Then to end that day we went to Buckingham Palace! What a huge place for one person to live!! It was HUGE! I thought it was cool to see the neat statue there. Very cool!
On our way to our hotel we found a group of people who were taking photos of planes as they landed at Heathrow Airport. Brad and Garth had been talking about how cool the planes were the whole time so it was fun for them to see others interested too!

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