Saturday, June 19, 2010

England/Romania Trip: First Couple Days: Flight There and the London Eye

I'm going to try to narrow down each day down to only a couple pictures so you get a taste of what we did each day, I hope that this will be enough! For the complete album go to my facebook page.

Day 1: June 19th 2010
We flew for the majority of this day so here are some photos on the plane that I took:

Day 2: June 20th 2010 (London, England)
This was our Anniversary day :) YAY! (too bad we were super tired from jet-lag) This day we mostly walked around London. Probably the highlight of this day was the London Eye:

We also learned how to use the "Tube"

Lucky for us Garth and Wendy, Phil's parents, were pros at it by now, having spent a year and a half doing it themselves. It was good to see them! Brad and Liz Green were there with us too it was pretty fun spending our time in London with family.

And we just HAD to have a Telephone Booth photo! :)

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