Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exciting News.... :)

It is kinda funny what can happen while your husband is away. This kinda thing was not such a good thing for him to be away for though! As you know I teach swim lessons during the summer and I usually don't have to go as often as I did today! I was just blaming it on the Coke I had before lessons that day until the next day I was told by a friend at work that having to go to the bathroom a lot could mean that I was pregnant! I had NO IDEA!! I was so excited that once I finally got a chance I went home and took the test. Mine were expired but one said I was pregnant and the other said I wasn't so I had to go buy some more at Family Dollar, the cheapest place for pregnancy tests FYI, oh and they are right where you check out, I was looking by the ovulation trackers and was shocked I couldn't find them! lol! So yeah I bought 2 more and found out that I was definitely Pregnant! I had to send Phil pictures of the tests so he could see the proof!

The next day Phil was home from visiting the North branches so we went to Milt's to celebrate! It was so yummy! We were both so excited before Phil was home he kept texting me 'baby!' We were very happy to finally find out I was pregnant! :) I wish the time would pass by sooner so we could tell people! We are hoping to wait until Sept 7th when my first ultrasound is scheduled... we'll see if that works! :)

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  1. Yay!!!! that is soooo EXCITING!!!!!! Congrats you Two!