Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Birthday

This year I got one of the BEST birthday presents EVER, ok so 2 really good presents: My cousin and her hubby came down to visit, (Jacee and Ryan) and Phil, through Emilee bought me a pregnancy pillow:

So yeah that has been nice to sleep with but yeah on Saturday Me, Phil, Ryan, Jacee and Emilee went and took our boat out to Quail and played on the tube. It was fun but I got nervous being prego and all and stopped early-ish for me. It was fun though and Phil tried to work on the boat to get it working without stopping, He got close to fixing it but still has some tweaking to do. 

Also on this day or the night before I guess Emilee moved in to our house! :) It will be so fun to have her so much closer! I just hope that Mom doesn't talk her into staying up with her, I want her MORE!! :D

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