Friday, September 17, 2010

Powell, Family and Announcements.

Yeah we went to Powell even though I am Prego and no know had known yet, but we had a blast! We were only there for a day but that was still long enough to have some photos :)

Emily and I with Katelyn going extra super slow, it was still fun though, just not the way I am used to riding the tube!

Me and Mike with Casen and Tiana, we thought we were so tough compared to the little kids!

Phil playing with Tiana and Casen.

Phil and Mike having a bumpy ride from Jeff.
 We also were able to announce that we were Pregnant to my family and Phil's Family. My mom found out earlier than planned just to make sure she came down for Emilee's Birthday that weekend.
But she had told everyone (my Dad and sister and Grandpa) So it didn't matter when she got here I just whipped out the Ultrasound Photo:
As for Phil's Family some of them knew we were kind of trying but didn't know for sure if we were pregnant. So at Family Dinner at Lori's Mom Dad and Emilee came too on Phil's orders and we told them right before dinner was served. Everyone was really excited and it was really nice to finally tell people! :) For proof I had the ultrasound photo in my back pocket :)

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